Car Seat Safety Rant

Someday I’ll write a post about car seat safety in general but now this will be more of a rant/vent than anything else.

So let’s say you’re a parent and you’ve heard that the minimum guidelines for child car seat safety have changed but the laws in your state have not.

Do you follow the minimum requirements by law or the minimum requirements as given by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

Since when is the MINIMUM recommendation the best option for a child?!?  Don’t most parents want MAXIMUM safety, not minimum??

It’s the 21st century and by now every parent should know that children under the age of 13 should not sit in the front seat.  Even Dweight Schrute from The Office sits in the back when he rides with Jim!

So can someone, anyone, please tell me why Kindergartner A at our bus stop was sitting in her high back booster in the front seat of her mother’s Odyssey yesterday.  There were 5 other seats, in the rear, that were available.  FIVE.

And then today, Kindergartener B was in the front seat of her mom’s minivan without a booster AT ALL.

Virginia law states that all children must be in a child restraint system (i.e. 5 point harness or booster) until their 8th birthday.  And although the law doesn’t state it, the shoulder belt should always sit across the proper spot on the shoulder, not cutting into the side of the neck.

Both of these kindergartners are between average and small for their age.  Under no circumstances should either of them have been in the front seat!  

So what would you do?  These are mom’s who I’ve never really talked to and I don’t know where either one lives.  Finding their home would be easy though since we have no garages and they both have vehicles that are unique in our neighborhood.


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